Decorating a Nursery Room with Baby Elephant Paintings

In the past year, 3 of my friends had babies and they were all decorating their nursery rooms. This made me wonder, how would I decorate a nursery if I had one? There are some trends that are very popular at the moment: gender neutral nursery, baby elephant nursery, and personalization.

I would want something that incorporated travel and adventure - because I would want my kids to see the world, too. I think baby elephants are the absolute cutest, and when I was growing up I also loved Babar the Elephant. This is how I came up with the Baby Elephant Nursery Watercolor Series, with the baby elephant and baby bunny traveling around various locations in the world: Paris, London, Germany.

The baby elephant's name is Elly and the baby bunny's name is Bunny so the series is called "Elly and Bunny Travel the World." Three watercolor art prints in size 11x14 would fit perfectly above a crib. 

If there are other locations you have in mind that you would like me to draw, contact me directly for a custom request. 

Happy nursery decorating!